Afghan Artists Praised War Victims by Painting Murals


Activists and artists from Afghanistan are paying tribute to the compassionate contribution of a Japanese doctor through painting murals. Dr. Tetsu Nakamura was killed by gunmen last week in eastern Afghanistan. The incident has created grief and sorrow in the atmosphere across Afghanistan.

A large number of Afghani artists came together in Jalalabad and Kabul on Tuesday to portray murals of Dr. Tetsu. President Ashraf Ghani proudly mentioned Dr. Nakamura as his closest friend.

ArtLords, the artists’ group, who painted a series of murals on the destroyed wall, wrote text in Pashto, an Eastern Iranian language, in the soil, they will plant the seeds of love only.

A local activist said that Dr. Nakamura was shot by gunmen because he was striving to change Afghanistan and serve the unsafe locality that lives in the country. To never refuse scarification by Dr. Nakamura, the ArtLords’ team painted murals of him in Kabul and Jalalabad, he added.

Famously known by his nickname “Uncle Murad” in Afghanistan, Dr. Nakamura picked up the affection and regard of numerous individuals for his helpful work over three decades.

“Dr. Nakamura’s demise is a major misfortune for us and we will consistently recollect him as a genuine and steadfast child in Afghanistan,” Ajmal, an instructor and an inhabitant of Kama locale in Nangarhar told media.

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