Asylum Seekers Being Violence Sufferers in Mexico


According to a recent survey, 80% of migrants seeking asylum sent to Mexico to wait until court hearing are suffering brutality.

In September, more than 75% of migrants discovered in Nuevo Laredo have been abducted for ransom, as per Médecins Sans Frontières doctors. Some of the patients being treated by MSF also reported having been victims of violence this week.

The official scheme Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) turned up a year on Wednesday, under which asylum seekers were ordered to remain in Mexico and wait as their cases made their way through US courts.

The scheme sent more than 57 migrants from Central American regions to Mexico and told them to remain along the border. Most of the migrants have been tortured by drug-wars for many years. Noticeable migrants were kidnapped from outside of the migration offices and bus stands, owing to their different appearance. They are being held until their relatives pay ransom for their release.

MSF’s coordinator, Sergio Martín said that the US persistently sending migrants back to Mexico and shoving them into hazards. The US has been pushing them towards the cartels that lead the migration in Mexico. The Mexican government is incapable of providing the least necessities to the thousands of asylum seekers who are striking back to the region, he added.

Migrants are in peril along the border, but locations like Nuevo Laredo have proved more hazardous for them as migrants are being prompted to perform offenses. The location is extremely unsafe, that the US administration also declared “Do not travel” alert for civilians.

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