Author: Dan Kubiske

My research interests focus around the improvement of numbers, Inquisitive, & Logic. I have ability to distill large amounts of information into specific takeaways as per my 7 years of experience in to the industry as a research analyst. I am also a very enthusiastic outdoor activity player.

Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrysler to Form a $50 Billion Merger

Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrysler are near to create the world’s fourth-biggest automaker with a deal that earlier confronted regulatory challenges. The deal also vowed cost-cutting with no impact on its production processes. Said missions seem extremely tough to complete, as both industry tycoons are about to merge with major operations in Europe, especially when […]

Hong Kongers Gathered to Send Christmas Cards to Detained Protesters

A huge number of Hong Kong residents have been coming together across the city on weekends to covey Christmas greetings through cards to arrested and injured protesters who were detained in an anti-government demonstration. We don’t even want to celebrate this season as so many of us are seriously injured, said some residents in tears. […]

Global Natural Coconut Oil Market Is Thriving Unceasingly By Top Key Players NMK Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Nature Pacific, Manchiee De Coco, Keratech

The Global Natural Coconut Oil Market Report is published by Market Research Explore with the intent of providing precise assessments based on the global Natural Coconut Oil market size, share, revenue, sales, and production. Global Natural Coconut Oil market scope, attractiveness, potential, and development prospects are also analyzed in the research study. The report also emphasizes the expansive delineation […]

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