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I have five years of experience in Market Research. Being an affluent source of knowledge and a well-known persona in the research sector, I head the Research Department at In leisure time, I love listening to music.

Critical Cybersecurity Threats to avoid

Nowadays, we come across several headlines that talk about cybersecurity threats. It could be malware that holds a computer by demanding ransom or data breach in a massive amount. There are several lesser-known attacks as well that one should be well-informed about such attacks. They are capable of doing damages of a severe level and […]

Google declares three better approaches to conceal your action from Google

Incognito mode for auto-erase for YouTube History, and a lot more. Google is commencing Cybersecurity Awareness Month by taking off new apparatuses that give clients more prominent command over their security when utilizing Google’s YouTube, Google’s assistant, and Google’s Map. The organization has affirmed that it’s starting undercover mode for Maps, which will make a […]

Google’s Personal safety app inform car accidents to Emergency Service automatically

Google’s step ahead to give road safety and reduce death case, last year, 40,000 accidents occurred in the U.S. The Apple Watch’s fall location has just been credited with sparing lives, and now Google is applying that kind of intuition to vehicle wellbeing. As indicated by XDA Developers, Google is grinding away on a Personal […]

Nodersok or Divergent virus that can’t be identified by Windows Defender

Microsoft named the virus Nodersok, Divergent named by Cisco Taslo. Usually, the virus has spread in thousands of users’ PC in Europe and the US. On Saturday morning, Microsoft and Cisco Talos indicated virus in the PCs. A new severe to-identify virus is in dynamic advancement and is at present advancing around a vast number […]

House Antitrust teams now examining Google’s Plans to plus DNS Encryption to Chrome

On Sunday, Leading news agency stated, antitrust agents with the House Judiciary Committee are investigating Google’s arrangements to include DNS over TLS. The Domain Name System over Transport Layer Security (DNS over TLS) to its Chrome program, in the most recent heightening of examination over the organization’s strategic policies. The Department of Justice took the […]

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