Author: Garrett Graff

I have five years of experience in Market Research. Being an affluent source of knowledge and a well-known persona in the research sector, I head the Research Department at In leisure time, I love listening to music.

Hand tracking on the Oculus’s VR headset was terrific, a reviewer said

Just $400 can get you Facebook’s cord-free VR headset soon. On Saturday, some unusual and cool features are gathered about Oculus’s VR headset. The reviewer got the chance to check out Oculus’s VR headset with several new highlights throughout going to introduce in the market in the following year. Facebook Organization’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg astounded […]

Elgato making streamers and creators life easier with extendable rigging gears

Influencers and Youtuber are natural with Elgato Multi Mount. User can buy it from $4.99 and can highly pay $144.96 for the best version. Prior this year, Elgato organization reported a lighting rig that can assemble to the creator’s desk so YouTubers, Influencers, Twitch streamers, and other online substance producers can all the more effectively […]

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