Beijing plans to discuss partial trade deal with Washington


The talks between China and the United States of America (USA) are about to begin from Thursday onwards. Now, various media reports have stated that the former has agreed to negotiate a trade deal partial in nature.

As long as the Trump administration restricts itself from imposing more restrictions on China, the two sides may agree to discuss a possible agreement. There are few pending levies that are due for this month as well as November. An official on the condition of anonymity who’s familiar with these negotiations reported that Beijing is planning to offer a few concessions which are non-core in nature. It includes the purchase of a few agriculture products. However, in return, the Chinese officials have no plans of budging in front of the American authorities to make a few sticking points.

However, according to the officials, the negotiators are not optimistic about securing a board agreement that was capable of ending the trade conflicts. According to the reports, China has offered to increase the purchase of agriculture products by a massive $10 billion per year so that both sides could agree for a partial deal.

A source stated that the vice-premier of China, Mr. Liu He is coming up with few real offers. Their side is now ready to de-escalate. They also plan to offer specific new details.

For the last one year, Beijing and Washington have been involved in a trade war. Both sides are trying to hammer out this deal. In the last meeting, both sides were about to reach an agreement that got called off at the previous moment. Later on, both sides kept on imposing tariffs on each other in the coming months. Both sides, especially China, suffered losses in huge amounts to their economies.

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