Bill Gates Funds Startup Claims to Supplant Fossil Fuels


Bill Gates is subsidizing a startup company that is striving to offer a robust, optional energy source for fossil fuels.

Heliogen, a California-based organization, is the first to congregate sunlight to gain temperatures exceeding 1,000 that could be a high energy source for heavy industries. According to the sources, the process will omit carbon outflow that poses harmful impacts on the atmosphere.

The technology being used in the project may reach 1,500C temperatures to separate water and hydrogen molecules in order to produce a great option to replace fossil gas from fuel cars, warm homes, and heavy industries.

Heliogen’s CEO, Bill Gross said that the company aims to uncover a technological advancement that intercepts the bursting carbon emissions from production and transport industries, that blankets 75% of areas across the globe.

By using the software, the company lines up a large formation of mirrors to reflect sunlight, with the aim of producing temperatures that are three times higher than an ordinary solar system.

With low-cost energy-producing source which gives higher temperatures heat, the company is seeking to combat crucial atmospheric concerns including carbon emissions and hazardous pollution, Bill Gross said. The technology is so advanced that it can even produce cement without any fossil fuel, he added.

The company is also being funded by private investors and businessmen who trust that the technology could help heavy industries like cement manufacturing to slash their carbon emissions.

Bill Gates said he feels happy by backing such an initiative, which promises to replace fossil fuels soon.

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