CBP Officers Were Instructed to Question Iranian Origin Travelers, Officer Said


U.S. border officers were ordered to stop Iran-born travelers for interrogation following the killing of an Iranian commander, a border officer has accused and sent an email to an immigration attorney.

American citizens with Iranian origin were hindered by Canadian border crossing officers at an entry poll for Blaine, Washington, after 3 January, intentionally, after killing Quasem Soleimani. Some of the travelers were retarded for hours during the investigation into their birthplace, sources said.

It is deeply disturbing, said a Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal.

Border security officers confirmed that at that time the wait time was increased from two hours to four hours owing to decreased staff numbers and the holiday season. But the agency directly declined it intentionally stopped Iranian origin travelers for questioning or any other reason.

CBP secretary Matt Leas said in a statement reported on 5th January, posts on social media saying CBP had retarded Iranian-American travelers and rejecting their entries in the wake of their country’s origins, are totally fake. Also, reports that CBP had released instructions were false.

But an email received by immigration attorney Leonard Saunders from a patrolling officer signals a different message. According to the officer, there was a directive that was raised.

A former CBP official disclosed to CNN the individual who composed the email worked with him at the organization and was told by current CBP officials that the individual was as yet a functioning official at the Blaine outskirts crossing.

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