Combo Pill could Prevent Heart Attacks in the US


In the United States of America, the Chemists have tested a daily drug that combines four different medications. This study was done to check if it can work as required among those Americans whose incomes are low as compared to other countries. The drug is capable of treating conditions that are responsible for life-threatening diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

According to the US experts, they plan to draw a strategy which would be useful in only in those places which don’t have proper or even limited access to medical care and facilities. The main constituents of this pill are one cholesterol drug and three blood pressure drugs. The doses are low in an amount which could be found in one pill itself.

Around 300 people whose age lies between 45 to 75 were part of this study. They took part in a Community Health Center present in Alabama’s Mobile region. The researchers had asked half of these people to take this combo drug regularly. Others were prescribed the amount of medicines that the doctors found insightful. Apart from that, they continued with their usual care from time to time.

The study was unable to last long to measure the effects such as stroke or heart attack. In Iran, another research was conducted that involved another set of the polypill. It went for over five years, and around 6800 people had participated in it. This team concluded that the pill lowered the risk of heart attack, heart failure, or stroke by one-third amount.

As of now, Polypills are not available across the US. Many doctors still prefer to tailor medicines all by themselves. A senior Doctor stated that doctors fail to customize prescriptions since the patients do not like the return visits. Even these doctors need to have enough time to do the mixings.

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