Critical Cybersecurity Threats to avoid


Nowadays, we come across several headlines that talk about cybersecurity threats. It could be malware that holds a computer by demanding ransom or data breach in a massive amount. There are several lesser-known attacks as well that one should be well-informed about such attacks. They are capable of doing damages of a severe level and could harm the user’s data and privacy.

  • Untrusted Browser Extensions

If you choose the correct browser extensions, it would add useful features and functions to your system. However, these extensions have an idea about what you are doing online. If you end up picking a wrong browser extension, then it could steal your browsing data and sell it to unknown advertisers. It could also install unnecessary software that you have not granted permission or trouble you with those pop-up advertisements. You should install minimum extensions and choose only those who have been recommended by the authentic browsers.

  • Malicious Data Cables

You should only buy the standard charging cables which are designed to power your device. If you choose a fake or similar cable, it could grant access to the unknown hackers to hack your device and steal personal information. As you give access to these devices, they start stealing your essential data. 

  • Zombie Accounts

Nowadays, every website asks you to create an account. Once you do it, they can store your personal information. You end up creating and then forgetting several accounts on different sites such as social media, language learning, etc. It is advised to run regular audits on the third-party apps and services which you had linked to your primary email id. 

  • Fake Online Quizzes

You might have come across a series of Quiz that asks you things like which brand you do prefer, which is your favorite holiday destination, etc. These quizzes also end up stealing your data and sell it to third parties.

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