Don’t Allow U.S. to Break Our Unity, Iranian President Said


Iranian people should not be menaced under U.S. President Donald Trump’s pressure to separate Iranians from the establishment when parliamentary elections came to the fore, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, said in his speech.

Supreme leaders in Iran are confronting challenges to keep the national economy out of debt, despite growingly stern U.S. sanctions imposed by Washington after the country took an exit from the Tehran nuclear deal in 2018.

We should protect our unity, and we should not allow Trump to work out to separate the administration and people, Rouhani said. Don’t move backward on the election, he added. Iran should not let Trump and other muscular regions involved in the nuclear deal separate Iran.

Iran’s Council of Guardians, which examines all election candidates with its considerable powers and influence, has declared 9,000 out of 14,000 candidates ineligible for the elections. Most cities don’t have candidates to enter the election, monitors said.

Rouhani said the forthcoming parliamentary election was the most important, and he had drafted a letter to the council to settle the disqualification problems.

Iranian clerical rulers have ignored challenges to hold a grip on power since the 1979 Islamic revolution. However, last year nearly a hundred people were killed in anti-government insurgents, which resulted in soaring relations between people and the rulers. The nation still unrevealed the death toll released by human rights organizations.

Tehran likewise hazards an authenticity emergency in the midst of mounting open fierceness and worldwide analysis over the overdue confirmation of fault by Iran’s first-class Revolutionary Guards for destroying a Ukrainian traveler plane unintentionally.

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