Google Watch to be launched with Pixel 4


The officials from Google have announced that the company would be holding its hardware event ‘Made by Google’ on October 15, 2019. During this event, the search giant would be unveiling its Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4. The images of these devices have already leaked online extensively. 

Due to the leaked source, the tech enthusiasts already know about these devices from every angle, its price, which was termed as ‘shocking’ by many. Other features include facial recognization technology, newly introduced colors, and a few camera samples stunning in nature. It also boasts of the latest dual-lens setup.

According to a few insiders, Google also plans to introduce Home Mini that comes with built-in wall mount, recently designed Google Home, and the Google Wi-Fi.

There have already been rumors regarding the same hardware team behind the new Wear OS smartwatch. The same team has been credited with other popular Google devices such as Google Next Hub Max, Pixel 4 XL, and Pixel 4.

Another set of leaked images from Google reveals a lot about its iconic smartwatch with a finished prototype. The company decided to pull it at the last minute before a ‘Made by Google’ announcement was supposed to take place.

An official while speaking to a leading online portal stated that Google plans to reveal its Pixel watch alongside the Pixel series. The smartphone is embedded with a 5G feature. However, the model would not be available on the store shelves until the early next year. Until that time, Google has plans of unveiling more affordable models such as Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL.

For the last few months, there have been rumors regarding the launch of Google’s smartwatch. However, the company always tried to brush it off. However, the leaked images proved that it was indeed happening.

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