Hong Kongers Gathered to Send Christmas Cards to Detained Protesters


A huge number of Hong Kong residents have been coming together across the city on weekends to covey Christmas greetings through cards to arrested and injured protesters who were detained in an anti-government demonstration.

We don’t even want to celebrate this season as so many of us are seriously injured, said some residents in tears.

They didn’t forget protesters and will not have parties right now. We can celebrate later, an office worker, who was one of many workers and citizens visiting a central shopping area to drop their Christmas cards.

Volunteers are present to collect those cards in boxes in black masks and baseball caps.

The region has been involved in a critical conflict against the government which doesn’t seem to be subsidized. Police have sentenced more than 6000 people who participated in the protest, with another 977 detained under crimes such as criminal destruction, illegal assembly, and common assault.

The age groups of arrested protesters range from 11 to 80, police said. The exact number of people detained by police is still undisclosed. On weekends, Hong Kongers wait at Mong Kok train station to deliver their Christmas cards to the booth of volunteers flashing videos of protesters fighting with the police force.

Intrusion on Hong Kong territory by China, which was assured under one country’s two systems policy, is making protesters more furious. However, China has declined complaints against the government.

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