Khamenei Backs Revolutionary Guards for Accidentally Shooting Airliner


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were backed by Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a rare sermon following a delayed confession for unintentionally shooting down an aircraft during days when streets were overflowing with protesters, sources said.

According to the sources, Khamenei said in his first Friday prayer that the elite Guards could knock their fight afar from Iran’s boundaries after the U.S. airstrike led to the death of top Iranian commander Quasem Solemanie.

“Khamenei should be very careful with his words,” said U.S. President Donald Trump in his tweet, counterattacking Khamenei’s statement.

Khamenei may be addressing the worsening hassles in Iran and how it is struggling with national turmoil and growing pressure from oversees.

The strain has consistently tightened higher since 2018 when the United States pulled back from Tehran’s atomic agreement with world powers and reimposed sanctions that have pounded the economy.

Amid the tensions, the Revolutionary Guards shot a Ukrainian airliner, but the issue got more severe as the Guards took a long time to admit their mistake, which resulted in protesters targeting forces.

Iranian dangers gambled further, segregating the nation, the U.S. State Department’s special agent for Iran, Brian Hook, said in Washington. However, Russia loaned Iran some help over the aircraft fiasco, saying it had been destroyed when Tehran was scarred by reports of cutting-edge U.S. stealth contenders in the zone.

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