Libya Oil Port Closure Could Make Berlin Summit More Stressful

Oil ports in eastern Libya have concluded national oil exports, a move being governed by Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar, who is striving to lay siege to the capital Tripoli. National crude oil output has been slashed by nearly half, leading to making the scheduled Berlin summit more stressful.

The move is the result of an initiative taken by the United Nations and Germany to induce Haftar and all foreign countries to back him at a summit held in Germany to suspend the commander’s nine-month-long operation of seizing Tripoli.

The eastern Zueitina oil export port was abruptly attacked by local tribesmen on Friday and all terminals under Libya National Army were declared closed by them.

The event was later depicted by a spokesman for the LNA, Ahmed Mismari, who said that the ports were closed by Libyan people. LNA and eastern oil ports were forced to close, a source from the state oil company informed. The oil protector members affirmed the closure of all ports.

Libya’s daily oil production was predicted to be 1.3 million barrels before the closure.

The tribesmen associated with the Libyan commander earlier alleged Tripoli government was treating oil revenues as payment for foreign fighters.

The Turkish move has undermined ongoing LNA increases made on the Tripoli front, gratitude to Russian-hired fighters and battle ramble support from the United Arab Emirates reestablishing an impasse.

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