Asylum Seekers Being Violence Sufferers in Mexico

According to a recent survey, 80% of migrants seeking asylum sent to Mexico to wait until court hearing are suffering brutality. In September, more than 75% of migrants discovered in Nuevo Laredo have been abducted for ransom, as per Médecins Sans Frontières doctors. Some of the patients being treated by MSF also reported having been […]

Seized Oil Ports Slashing Output Rapidly, Libyan Oil Chief Said

Libya’s National Oil Company chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, said that blockades of Libya’s oil export terminal can imperil OPEC nations’ daily crude oil exports. It could risk 1.2 million barrels a day. During a speech at Chatham House in London, Sanalla said the nation is corrupted and performing unfairly, and we admit it, though blocking Libya’s […]

CBP Officers Were Instructed to Question Iranian Origin Travelers, Officer Said

U.S. border officers were ordered to stop Iran-born travelers for interrogation following the killing of an Iranian commander, a border officer has accused and sent an email to an immigration attorney. American citizens with Iranian origin were hindered by Canadian border crossing officers at an entry poll for Blaine, Washington, after 3 January, intentionally, after […]

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