Saudi-led Coalition Launched Airstrikes on Nehm, Near Yemen Capital

A Saudi-led military alliance has triggered the intensity of bombing attacks by launching airstrikes near Yemen’s capital, killing more than 30 people, Yemeni security forces said. The coalition has attacked Houthi targets in the district of Nehm for the first time over the months. The location is 60 km northeast of Sanaa, security officials briefed […]

Sri Lanka Government Declared Civil War Missing People Dead

Sri Lanka’s president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, admitted that more than 20,000 people are missing since the cruelest civil war died. The war started between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers on 23 July 1983. President Rajapaksa was a former defense secretary who played an integral role in concluding the 30-years long Sri Lanka war […]

Hundreds of Migrants to Cross Guatemala-Mexico Border

Hundreds of migrant caravans were present at the Guatemala-Mexico border on Sunday to cross on Monday; the move is set to test how the Mexican government tries to stick to its word against U.S. demands that orders prevent mass migration. The U.S. administration posed enormous economic pressure on Mexico and Central American countries, warning if […]

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