Rebels Launched Gory Attacks on Eastern DRC


The Allied Democratic Forces banged the eastern territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a series of gory attacks. Attacks have contributed to thoroughly shaking the country, which has been suffering continuing violence and stress over the last few months.

The militia group launched a series of destructive attacks on four locations west of Beni on Tuesday. The security forces immediately started robust counter-attacking on the rebels.

The attack’s location has a weak government authority system, and its notable portion is under pressure of more than 100 rebel forces. Concurrently, there are ongoing conflicts between politicians who support the former president Joseph Kabila, and current DRC president, Félix Tshisekedi, sources said.

Tshisekedi previously vowed in his inauguration speech that he would put a course of action against the weakening economy and to limit prices and curb corruption in the country. Still, he didn’t act relevant to his words and found reluctant to make developments.

Deadly diseases, malnutrition, crime, and corruption have completely swallowed the country. Grab the opportunity to deeply wipe out conflicts, deadly circumstances, human rights contravention, and long-standing social and economic issues in the country, said U.N. high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet giving a chance to revamp the structure of the DRC.

Seeing a tranquil political conversion in DRC last year, Bachelet said it can expect potentially positive diversions in the country.

Tshisekedi was admired by civilians for being active at the international level and for striving to make salaries of teachers serving in public schools. He was also praised for his decision to instruct forces to counter-attack militia groups in the east.

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