Scientists have created a mobile case that resembles artificial skin


Scientists have developed an artificial skin prototype that can wrap around smartphones. Experts say that using artificial skin can make the devices more human-like. The interface of the case has been designed in such a way that it looks like and mimic human skin. 

Per the scientists, smartphones could be wrapped in this artificial skin to give them a more natural and human-like feel. 

The exciting thing is that this prototype, which has been designed to look like and mimic human skin, responds to different human contact forms such as tickling, caressing, and pinching as well.

This skin-on interface can be attached to mobile phones, wearable devices such as smartwatches, and laptop touchpads, or tablets.

This technology is invented by researchers and scientists at the University of Bristol in partnership with Telecomm ParisTech and Sorbonne University in Paris.

The R&D team says that their work focuses light on a possible future with “anthropomorphic devices” – where gizmos have got human characteristics.

Dr. Anne Roudaut, who is an associate professor at the University of Bristol, told the media, “The artificial skin casing may look unconventional probably because we are used to our senseless and rigid mobile and laptop casings, but we feel there are definite advantages of using more malleable technologies in the future. The familiarity of this artificial skin provides a more natural interface for end-to-end users.

The artificial skin casing is created using two layers of silicone – dubbed “dermis” and “hypodermis” layers with an electrode layer in the middle of it, which is made from ultra-thin wires that act as sensors. These two different types of silicone are dipped in pigment and molded to give the skin-like texture to the casing.

The researchers also added that their artificial skin will allow devices to feel the user’s grasp, and can detect user interactions such as tickling, caressing, even twisting and pinching.

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