STDs increase at rapid rate in the US


Even the United States government has been running the STD awareness campaigns rigorously since the last few decades, they have reported significant growth. The CDC recently released a news bulletin, which particularly talks about the severe picture of the sexual health of the United States people. The disease has reached a level where the disease numbers have been highest for the last 20 years. It has touched a number which is all-time high legitimately.

Based on the data collected between 2017 and 2018, the CDC had prepared this report. The numbers show that there has been a rise in diseases such as syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea across the United States. The data states that currently, 580,000 people are suffering from gonorrhea, and 115,000 people have reported of having syphilis. The numbers are highest since 1991.

The chlamydia disease saw a maximum number of patients at 1.7 million. There has been a rise of 3 percent in this case. It is the highest record in the history of the US. Despite awareness drives, these numbers have gone up.

As the health officials compared the three diseases, syphilis saw the maximum number of gains at 14 percent. Gonorrhea saw an increase of 5 percent. It has been reported that the infection rate among newborn infants saw a considerable rise of 40 percent as compared to the data of the previous year.

The babies who had contracted syphilis from their mothers at the time of the birth are at great risk, which could lead to their death as well. The expecting mothers who are suffering from the syphilis are experiencing stillborn and newborn deaths at high numbers than before. Even if such a baby survives, they could end up suffering from a severe disease throughout their life, including the developmental issues serious in nature.

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