TfL Canceled Uber’s License Discovering Fake Identities of Drivers


London transport authorities have canceled the license of Uber after discovering that the company had completed more than 14,000 trips with drivers who had forged their identity on Uber’s app. Authorities made a firm decision not to renew Uber’s license even after admitting the ride-hailing company had completed its two-month probationary period.

Uber was also asked to track the problem and look over insurance, safety, and insurance, but the company flunked to convince the transportation authorities.

Uber has persistently failed to perform the tasks to observe these issues, TfL said. The blotches and a number of breaches have created risks for passenger safety. Authorities said in a statement that they are not confident the company will not repeat any wrongdoing in the near future.

Considerations led to deduce that Uber should not be allowed to continue with the license.

The decision will not immediately strip-off Uber cars from London, as the company will appeal to continue operating in the city. The company has previously induced judges to grant a 15-month license to Uber after it was rejected by TfL for its first license renewal.

The occurrences, for the most part, happened from late 2018 until mid-2019, in spite of the fact that TfL said it had as of late gotten mindful of the degree of the issue – and the most recent offense revealed was under three weeks prior. Among the 43 false drivers found were some whose licenses had been renounced, and one driver who had been advised for disseminating profane pictures of youngsters.

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