U.S. Armed Forces Restarted Joint Operation with Iraq After a Pause


The U.S. armed forces resumed joint operations with Iraq on Wednesday, according to military officials. The operation was abandoned for nearly 10 days following the death of  Iranian major general in Baghdad in an airstrike performed by the U.S. military on Jan,3.

The Iraqi Parliament immediately voted to deport all American forces based in Iraq. The government alleged the U.S. military for invading the country’s sovereignty by performing an airstrike in Iraq, that slaughtered the Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani, with eight other people. The decision to restart the joint operation was declared two weeks after the incident.

Two military officials confirmed that the operation had restarted, on the condition of remaining anonymous, as they were not authorized to reveal things. According to the officials, the U.S. military was eager to restart the operation at the earliest as they wanted to deaden the force of the group to restrain victory publicity the group might start because the U.S was there behind the suspension.

No Iraqi government authorities are deemed to approve the continuation of the joint operation, as the mission was suspended by the U.S. military. The resumption was a bit unclear until Wednesday.

Iraq’s government will follow the Parliament’s orders against American armed forces, said Iraq’s acting prime minister, Abel Abdul Mahdi on Wednesday.

He also said that in the case of expelling the U.S. military from Iraq, it would adhere to the decision and reminded other ministers about ISIS’s planning of invasions and attacks.

Regardless of Iraq’s planning to deport American forces, a few Iraqi officials objected to Parliament’s order, suggesting that American forces can help them to fight against the residue of the Islamic State and avert its comeback in the country.

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