YouTube could face $200 million fine due to child rights violations


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has accused the YouTube of collecting personal information regarding children in an illegal manner. If the agency can prove this accusation, then the online video platform would have to pay a fine amounting to anywhere between $150 to $200 million. Not only that, it would be the most substantial civil penalty that FTC would have collected until now. The case was out after three people briefed regarding this matter earlier this week. 

If proved, this case could also have an impact on other popular platforms in the United States, which are popular among young children or they are allowed to create accounts under the paternal guidance. 

Earlier, TikTok – a social media video-sharing app from China had to pay a fine of $5.7 million after authorities had accused the platform of violating the privacy violations that concerned children. A top source stated that the Justice Department would decide the amount of fine that Google would have to pay on behalf of YouTube. The lawmakers of America have been particular about addressing privacy related issues currently.

The news regarding FTC fining YouTube comes after certain lawmakers and regulators, particularly from the countries such as Europe and the US have accused several top social media platforms of adopting data mining practices on a large scale. It also includes tech giants such as Google and Facebook. 

A few weeks back, the FTC had fined Facebook for $5 million after accusing it of misusing the personnel data belonging to its users. This year, few members from Congress have introduced various transparency and privacy-related bills. These bills were regarding genetic information data, social media data, facial recognition data, etc. belonging to the American citizens. 

The case involving YouTube paying such a hefty fine also involves several cases received from American consumers. It was reported that the platform failed to make any changes in its aggressive data-mining practices.

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